If you’re like me, the cubicle is always standing in the way of being somewhere beautiful, but I suppose the bills have to be paid, am I right? Anyhow, weekend travel is my jam. I love a quick getaway to the Big Apple or to a cottage in the Pocono Mountains. Easy, driveable, and relatively cheap…if you do it right.

If I had to make a list of my top five favorites places to visit on the weekends, here it is…

Portland, Maine

I already covered Portland in exhaustive detail in a previous post, but I’ll reiterate it — Portland is AWESOME. And no, not the Portland on the Left Coast, but rather, the Portland on the Beast Coast. I can’t get enough of the fresh Maine air, the delicious seafood, and the friendly people. At under two hours from most places on the East Coast, Portland is a no-brainer for a quick jaunt out of town.

Pocono Mountains, PA

via Alexander Day

The Poconos are roughly a 1-2 hour drive from Philly and closer to one hour from NYC. I typically go to the Poconos to ski (I tried snowboarding once and it turned out about as horribly as you could imagine) but there are a ton of activities for the whole family — skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing in the winter and hiking, camping, and kayaking in the summer.

Colonial Williamsburg, VA

Source: Sebastian Hirsch

Want to transport yourself back to the 18th century? No better way to do it than by visiting Colonial Williamsburg. Carriage rides, ghost tours, bonfires, you name it. There’s fun for the whole family or, if you’re like me, you could take your significant other for a date weekend ūüėČ


This one goes out to all of my Southeast US folks. Aruba is but a mere stone’s throw away and is an incredible time! Bathe in velvety smooth waters, snorkel with the most tropical of fish you’ll find, and eat shark meat (yeah, you heard that right). Aruba isn’t the most affordable place, but if you’re looking to ball out over the weekend, there aren’t many places better…or more relaxing.


Chicago is one of my favorite¬†cities on the planet, but only in the warm weather…

No, seriously, Chicago summers are a-m-azing. I snapped the above pic while on a jog along the lake, which is still the craziest part about the city, the fact that you can be in a big bustling metropolitan city but also be lakeside in 5 minutes. Culture, food, weather, and beautiful views are the reasons why you should take a trip to Chicago one weekend. And did I mention it’s a short flight from most places?

Weekend warriers — I need your input. What are your favorite places?

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J Edwards
J Edwards

Aruba, on the East Coast? only a mere stone’s throw away? Oh boy, you skipped geography lessons big time… it’s actually in front of Venezuela in South America…


From the Southeast…. I think you skipped the attentive reading lesson.