Whenever I review a product and post here (or on social media about it), I’ve used it and have firsthand knowledge of the product in practice. These five products are what I never leave home without and I swear if you don’t like them you can virtually flog me (or I’ll at least buy you a drink if we ever meet ūüôā )…

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

The Bose QC35’s are the best headphones I’ve used and have the best noise-canceling functionality I’ve experienced. Seriously, I was on a Delta MD-88 right next to the rear starboard engine and couldn’t hear it with these bad boys on. The old price was $350, but if you use the link below you can pick them up for $50 less.

Price: $299.95 from Bose

ZeroLemon Slim 5200mAh Battery Case

I’m currently rocking the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and love it, but the battery isn’t great and sometimes (not all the time) I need some extra juice for a long day out. Of course, you could get one of those battery¬†packs, but then you have to carry a cable along with it too and then it just looks weird. Instead, I prefer keeping a fully-charged battery case in my backpack. When I need it I just slip my phone in and keep it in my pocket while it charges. When it’s all done charging, I take it off of my phone and stow it away.

The ZeroLemon case is the best I’ve used and has a mammoth 5200 mAh battery, which is nearly double the device battery. ZeroLemon makes this battery case for all different phones — iPhones, Galaxy Note, etc.

Price: $29.99 from Amazon

Everlane Nylon Commuter Backpack

Hands down the best backpack I’ve ever used. I’m not into big and bulky anything so if you’re like me, you’ll love this backpack too. It’s sleek, slim and fits surprisingly more than you would think. I comfortably fit my MacBook Pro (13″), chargers, and overnight toiletry bag — and I can still fit more. Not to mention, the build quality is awesome and it’s water resistant.

Price: $68 from Everlane

Blue Claw Duck Island Toiletry Bag

Hands down my favorite toiletry bag. I’ve written about this product before and my endorsement still remains true. This bag is a beast — extremely water resistant, spacious, and well made.

Price: $62 from Blue Claw Co

S’well Water Bottle

I’ve used a couple of different insulated water bottles, both off-brand and more expensive S’well products. The cheaper off-brand bottles do just fine, but I found that over time they tend to break down and give off a metallic/metal smell. With that being said, paying the premium for S’well makes sense. Buy it once and keep it long term.

Having a durable water bottle for traveling is great because you can easily fill up at airports and hotels rather than pay $4-5 for a bottle of water.

Price: $26 from Amazon

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