Did you know that LA is home to some of the most haunted sites in the world?

Ever hear of the Black Dahlia? Elisa Lam? John Belushi? These are all people who have tragically passed away in an LA-area hotel. In fact, these hotels are still open and bookable to this day.

Millennium Biltmore

Millennium Biltmore Hotel (Source: PG Roy Photography)

Located in Downtown LA, the Biltmore is famous for its hauntings by Elizabeth Short a.k.a The Black Dahlia. In 1947, Ms. Short was found mutilated in Leimart Park neighborhood of LA but was last seen in public at the bar of the Millenium Biltmore Hotel. The ghost of Short is known to haunt multiple floors and the lobby of the hotel — in addition to some other rather friendly ghosts (or not so much) such as a little girl and a “boy with no face”…

Cecil Hotel (The Stay on Main)

Cecil Hotel (Source: Jim Winstead)

If you’ve watched American Horror Story, one of the seasons was actually based on the 2013 death of student Elisa Lam at the Cecil Hotel in Downtown LA. Lam was found decomposing in the water tank on the roof of the Cecil after guests began to complain of low water pressure and a “strange taste” in the water…

Aside from the death of Elisa Lam, the Cecil was known as a regular haunt (no pun intended) for serial killers Richard Ramirez (The Nightstalker) and Jack Unterweger.

The Cecil was eventually re-branded as The Stay on Main, but is reportedly now closed to the public.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

The fame of the Roosevelt is unparalleled — It hosted the first Oscar’s and was said to be where Marilyn Monroe filmed her first ad. The Roosevelt is also where Monroe lived for an extended period of time and it’s reported that she still haunts her old room. Fortunately (I think?), it seems that nobody was brutally murdered at the Roosevelt so here’s to thinking that the ghosts are friendly? Casper, anyone?

Chateau Marmont

Chateau Marmont (Source: Instagram by @kan_ito)

John Belushi, famed comedian and actor, overdosed at the Chateau Marmont and is said to still haunt the place. According to multiple reports, a family was staying at the CM and heard their young son laughing. When they inquired as to what he was laughing about — he responded with “the funny man!” Later on in the trip, the family was flipping through a book with famous CM guests and when John Belushi’s page came up, the boy exclaimed “the funny man!”

Do you believe in ghosts? I sure as hell do…

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