About The Author

Hi I’m Dom and welcome to The Short Final! I’ll keep this real simple. I’m a business traveler and I love to use the points and miles I earn on business trips to travel for pleasure. I write first and foremost about destinations, food, and culture as a way to inspire you to take the next step and book the aspirational trip you’ve been wanting to take forever. Life is about the journey and experiences so while there are a number of points & miles blogs out there, I’ll be covering the “lifestyle” aspect of travel.

What does The Short Final mean? Without getting super technical and AvGeeky, the short final is the part of the flight when you’re just about to land. You look out the window and you can see the cars, the palm trees, the beautiful architecture all in clear and plain view.

For me, this always sparks a moment of true excitement, and it all started when I was a little kid.

So, welcome, and thanks for dropping by! Follow me on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook…or e-mail me at dominic (at) theshortfinal . com.