Since I apparently have nothing better to do today than write a blog post about in-flight food. In case you’ve missed the recent news, American Airlines began offering a barbecue chicken sandwich as part of its in-flight menu. For the record, I typically enjoy most of the sandwiches American offers so naturally, I didn’t think anything of it when I saw this new sandwich on a recent flight.

Then the news came out…

Photo via @squeekytoy

After some serious backlash, American decided to pull the sandwich from its menus amid “negative feedback”:

Due to negative feedback, we will remove the BBQ Chicken Sandwich from our marketplace program and replace it with the Turkey, Havarti & Arugula Sandwich. Caterers will execute this change as soon as operationally feasible.

Initial thoughts — the Turkey, Havarti & Arugula sandwich is dope so definitely a welcomed re-addition. But this brings me to a quick hypothesis, based on a recent couple of flights with American.

Blue Light Special: BBQ Sauce

I was recently on two flights in Economy (gasp) from Philadelphia to Rome (as I have covered ad nauseam so please accept my apologies) and obviously, there is a dinner and breakfast service on the outbound leg and a lunch and quick snack service on the return.

On my outbound flight, we had a choice of BBQ Chicken or Pasta. Nearly vomiting at the sound of BBQ chicken I decided to go with pasta, but much to my dismay they were all out, so I had no choice but to accept my fate. The BBQ chicken dinner was diced chicken with a smear of BBQ sauce, a vegetable, and watery mac n cheese. Whatever, I’m not terribly picky, so I ate it.

If my memory serves me correctly, the meals leaving Europe are generally a lot better than those on the outbound leg of the trip, so I was pumped to see what the caterers at Rome had in store.

Options were announced…

BBQ Chicken or Pasta. Mother________! I got the chicken this time again (since the pasta was in cheese sauce, and well, cheese doesn’t agree with me) and while it was certainly tastier, it was a whole chicken breast smeared with the same BBQ sauce.

What’s my point?

Well, there really isn’t one, but I can’t help but ponder the reasons why American is BBQ sauce-crazed these days. And the only reason I could whip up was that they got a really freaking good deal on the smokey food lube known and loved by many.

Featured Photo via @squeekytoy

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Seasonal Menu? It’s summer so BBQ is popular at home?


Great post.


Just got off an AA flight from MAD-JFK in biz. There were 2 different menu items with BBQ sauce. Seems a little excessive lol!