I have about 10 credit cards open at any given time, which I know is a far cry from the dozens that some others have, but if I had any more accounts I think my brain would explode. With so many accounts open I absolutely need a way to keep track of them all. I always pay my bills on time, but it’s nice to have that reaffirmed by a third party from time to time.

There’s a tool for that…

Whenever I’m looking for a comprehensive report of my accounts open, I always turn to Credit Karma. It’s easy and free and does the job.

Not only does Credit Karma list all of your open credit card accounts, but it will list other loans such as auto and student loans…

Credit Karma shows auto loans.
Credit Karma shows student loans, too.

How to do it yourself

Head on over to Credit Karma, sign up for a free account and navigate to the ‘Accounts’ tab…

There you have it. Quick, easy, and painless. What are your best methods for staying on top of your open accounts?

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