It’s been about three weeks since the blog launched and quite honestly the “soft opening” has been more successful than I initially thought. The upticks in the beginning are thanks to my post about Citi potentially removing the 10% redemption benefit from AAdvantage cards, but even without that, I’m good for a couple hundred visits per day if I’m lucky. These are the realities of starting a new blog, even if it is on the BoardingArea network and exposed to a massive audience.

blog traffic
Blog traffic for May/June

Admittedly, the blog has been fairly quiet over the last week. My last post was four days ago and I don’t plan on releasing much until next week.


Because I realize that many of the breaking travel stories are already being covered by blogs with a bigger footprint and there’s no reason for me to regurgitate what you’ve already heard. As I’ve been thinking about what I want to center this blog on, I’ve developed a pretty deep interest in producing longer form posts with instructional content such as “How To” guides, with other random commentary mixed in.

I want to make this site a place for you to come to learn just as I’m learning. By researching and writing these posts, I’m learning and I honestly thank you all for giving me the platform to do it.

Next week, beginning on Tuesday, I’ll have a featured slot on BoardingArea, meaning I’ll have direct exposure to thousands of loyal readers. So while my content has to be good all of the time, I have to spend extra minutes (or hours) to make sure my posts are elevated to the next level.

I have a few posts already written and I think you’re going to like them. They cover topics like predicting your upgrade chances using ExpertFlyer, why you should or should not use a travel agent, and more.

In the meantime, e-mail, tweet or IG message me if you have any questions and would like me to cover anything in particular.

Other than that, catch you all later!

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Lee @ BaldThoughts

I’m with you. I don’t share all of the same stories. Instead, I try to have my own unique voice shine through the noise. Stay true to yourself and your audience will follow. Good luck!


I’m enjoying your blog!