One of my goals each year is to read more and unfortunately, I typically tend to fall short of that goal every year. Perhaps it’s because I set the bar too high or maybe I’m just not disciplined enough. Anyhow, I thought it would be a nice idea to start up a book club for charity here at The Short Final.

Here’s how I foresee it working:

  • Each month I’ll ask you to submit a recommendation for the next month’s book.
  • At the beginning of the month, I’ll publish the name of the book and an Amazon link to buy it. The Amazon link will be an affiliate link and I will track all commissions.
  • Once I receive the commission cash, I’ll go ahead and donate 100% of the proceeds to a charity. The charity is TBD, but I’m aiming for some sort of child literacy organization.

Child literacy is a cause that’s near and dear to my heart. As we all know, a child’s earliest years are pivotal for knowledge absorption and having access to good books is paramount. I’d love your opinions on how best to administer it.

Please let me know your thoughts, ideas, and opinions in the comments below!

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