Alright, this is downright nasty and before you say anything, just know that I am 100% sold on this story as being true. Full send.

“Insect Eggs”

Lifehacker wrote up an article today about why you should avoid drinking coffee on your flight. To save you time, the article talks about how the water used to “brew” the coffee in-flight is from the airplane’s tap, which doesn’t seem so bad on the surface, right? Wrong.

The article links to a report by Business Insider from 2017 detailing EPA findings that 1 in every 8 airplanes failed to meet standards for safe drinking water. The worst part? Some of those tests revealed salmonella, e coli, and insect eggs…in the water.

Response from the authorities

When Business Insider reached out to the Association of Flight Attendants, they received the following response, which isn’t exactly comforting:

Water onboard is regulated under the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure safe drinking water on the aircraft. The Association of Flight Attendants-CWA pushed for this regulation over 15 years ago. The regulation gives broad discretion to airlines on how often they must test the water and flush the tanks. AFA does not believe this regulation goes far enough or is sufficiently enforced.

Dr. Cedric Spak, an infectious disease expert, told NBC that if you have a weakened immune system, skip the coffee and tea on the plane and get it before boarding to be safer.

Final Word

Look. I’m well aware that everything we touch and eat contains some form of bacteria. And not to mention, these articles haven’t considered how dirty coffee shops are. But right off the bat, airplane coffee SUCKS, so this is just the final nail in the coffin for me. No thank you! I’ll take a Diet Coke please.

What are your thoughts? Will you skip the coffee/tea on your flight?

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The coffee will make you sick. The diet coke will cause cancer.


I had heard this years ago. I’ll just stick to my cranberry juice and bottled water. And wine, can’t forget about the wine on long hauls.


The temperature that coffee is brewed at will kill any potential bacteria. This is nothing more than hype.


On a cellular level, you have more bacteria cells in your just stomach than you have cells (hair, blood, skin, bone,etc) in your ENTIRE body. Dont even get me started on how many bacteria cells are in your brain…


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