You may have heard the news, Hong Kong Airlines published an amazing fare deal for a round-trip flight to China for less than $600…in business class.

While the availability for these tickets is scarce at this point, and it remains to be seen if they’ll be honored, I thought I’d shed some light on a couple of additional costs to keep in mind and add to your tally.

Tourist visa

Though there are a few exemptions, the majority of U.S. citizens will require a visa to visit China. The cost of a visa for U.S. citizens is $140 for all visa types – single entry, double entries, multiple entries for 6 months, and multiple entries for 12 months or more. The cost of a single-entry visa for non-U.S. citizens is $30. As such, if you purchased four tickets with this deal you’ll incur an extra $560 plus any rush processing fees (typically $20)

Visit the Chinese Embassy’s website for more information on visa requirements and cost.

Re-positioning flight & hotel stay

These discounted flights leave from Los Angeles (LAX) so if you’re not from the LA area (or a driveable distance) you’ll have to factor in the cost of a re-positioning flight. I know for me, a flight from Philly can regularly cost $400 or more, though using miles can be a great option.

One more thing to consider if you are re-positioning is a hotel stay that you may have to incur if your flight schedule doesn’t get you there in time for the 12:10 PM Hong Kong Airlines flight from Los Angeles. This may not be a problem for most, but from the East Coast, especially if you don’t live in a major city, getting there in time for the Noon flight may prove troublesome.

Final word

I did not take advantage of this offer, but many of you have, so – congratulations! Getting a business class flight at that price (regularly costing ~$7,000) is a slam dunk for sure. Just make sure you are aware of some of the ancillary costs that come along with this journey.

And as always, have fun! 😉

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considering that anyone connecting to this would be using a separate ticket, isn’t it risky not to sleep within driving distance of LAX the night before, no matter where you’re coming from? flights to LAX are routinely delayed due to tarmac/gate issues, even assuming no greater issues.


Exactly this. We *always* position the day before these kinds of flights, and add in the cost of a cheap airport hotel if we don’t have points to cover it. Takes all the worry out of it (if LAX is shut down for arrivals for 24 hours the odds of that departure going out on time are nil), plus allows for leisurely breakfast and/or lounge time.


Yes, ours if out of SFO at 11a and we are flying to SFO a night early just to be safe.


US Citizens do not need a Visa to visit Hong Kong, only mainland China:

U.S. Citizens visiting Hong Kong for not more than three months/90 days are not required to obtain visas.