The Fourth of July holiday is rapidly approaching, folks. Do you have your plans ironed out yet? Still unsure of where to go?

No worries, I got you!

I love traveling over holiday weekends because for us cubicle monkeys it’s a great way to maximize vacation days. This year for the Fourth my girlfriend and I are headed to Italy to visit family and friends. We also have Labor Day travels booked for Southern California and couldn’t be more excited to get back to the LA area.

Here are some places you can visit for a long-ish weekend over the holiday.


Dublin bridge

I had the amazing opportunity to visit Dublin this past winter when a nice fare deal popped up for a direct flight from Philly, and I have to say Dublin is awesome!

For those of you based on the East Coast, visiting Dublin over the holiday weekend is a no-brainer. Of course, this is only if you don’t mind going somewhere that doesn’t celebrate the holiday.

Los Angeles/SoCal

LA is one of my favorite cities on the planet — primarily because I have an unmatched tolerance and desire for good Asian food. Aside from that, the weather in LA this time of year is beautiful (hell, the weather is always nice in Southern California).

My advice is to fly to LAX, rent a car (optional: stop at In-N-Out though Shake Shack is better), drive up the Pacific Coast Highway to Geoffrey’s Malibu and have brunch. You’ll thank me later!


Here’s somewhat of an aggressive destination for a holiday weekend, but Aruba is such a pleasant place to visit. Low stress and no frills, Aruba is the perfect place to spend a weekend away in pure relaxation.

Last time I went to Aruba it was for Independence Day and the Marriott had a celebration at night with fireworks and the like. They really know how to cater to their customers! 🙂

Arizona (Phoenix/Scottsdale)

Listen people, dry heat is a real thing. Remember the 50 times your neighbor Bob and Jane told you it’s okay to go to Arizona in the summer because “it’s a dry heat”? Well, they’re right.

Look, it’s hot as hell, but it feels really good on the bones and hey, when you’re in a pool what does it matter? The best part for you is that since Arizona is an incinerator in the summer, prices are lowwww, so take advantage!

Go visit Scottsdale and Sedona and you won’t be sorry.



Okay, this pick isn’t as sexy as some of the others, but I have to throw it in here due to its accessibility from around the continental US. All that aside, Chicago is a pleasant place to visit in the summer.

Head to the canal walking path and grab a drink at the tiki bar, relax with a drink on the roof of the LondonHouse Hotel, or charter a boat and sail Lake Michigan.

Whatever you do, you can’t go wrong in Chi-town!


Do you have any plans for the holiday?

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Carl P

Not as exciting as some, but I’m hitting Atlantic City. I’ll do some comped Hard Rock and Borgata nights (two each), free buffets, Borgata birthday party, free spins, etc. A couple poker tournaments (not free), etc.

All flow from Hyatt credit card (which gave Hyatt status gold, which gave MGM gold status match (Borgata), which gave, Rock Royalty status match (Hard Rock). I’ll also stop by and get Ocean Premier status match (from Rock Royalty) and see what that gives (more comped nights I hear).


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