WOW Air, the purple people eater Icelandic low-cost carrier, is offering 20% off round-trip flights using the code WOW4JULY.

When do I have to travel?

Travel dates are now through September 30, 2018.

When do I have to book by?

July 8th

Is this offer valid on one-way fares and stopovers?

No and no. Round-trip and no stopovers, only!

Is the promo available on all flights?

No. Your mileage is going to vary and the 20% off is not available on all flight combinations. When conducting your search look out for the “promo code” symbol on the flight to ensure you’re getting this deal.

Is the deal available in premium cabins?

No. The 20% off deal is only available in WOW Basic (basic economy) and WOW Plus (economy) cabins.

Give me some examples…

Boston to Paris via Reykjavik for $560 round-trip

Los Angeles to Reykjavik Iceland for $465 round-trip in basic economy

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