Like Pizza? Sfogliatelle? If you haven’t already read my guide on visiting Naples, be sure to do so — this is a great city and you should certainly go visit…especially at this price!

Would rather visit Rome instead? There’s a deal, too! And a guide

How about Milan? Done! (No guide though)

If you’ve never been to Italy or just want to go back, the Fall is the absolute best time to go. It’s low season and the weather is just divine…not to mention you won’t have to deal with the hoards of summer tourists. Jet set to Naples and then hop on over to Capri to enjoy aperitivo al fresco overlooking the sea — you won’t be sorry!

Deal Dates

Flying to Italy nowadays, especially from the New York area, is fairly inexpensive compared to other European cities. That said, with the competition growing, now is better than ever to visit the land of pizza, pasta, and good vibes!

From what I can see, there are a number of dates throughout the Fall months and even into January.

The Deal and How to Book

As mentioned, I’m seeing multiple dates in Fall to Naples, Milan and Rome from the New York area for less than $500. For your convenience, here are links to Google Flights. Feel free to manipulate dates as you wish: New York to Naples for $456 on Air Italy, New York to Rome for $325 on Norwegian, New York to Milan for $586 on American.

Whatever date you choose, you can’t go wrong! Buon Viaggio!

(Thanks, Slick Deals)


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