Outside of credit card sign up bonuses, earning miles through special shopping portal offers is another great way to stack up. Every once in a while airlines will offer increased portal bonuses for some popular merchants like Apple and Best Buy. These are great offers because of the high-dollar amounts of many of the products these merchants sell — much easier to earn a bunch of miles.

I was browsing American Airlines’ shopping portal site and one offer caught my eye:

  • Brooks Brothers 7 miles per dollar

I am starting a new job in a couple of weeks and I’m in need of some new dress shirts. I have the sharpest hell-bows and rip holes in my shirts left and right so my stock has dwindled.

Now, I normally NEVER shop at Brooks Brothers because the prices are just so insane, but at 7 miles per dollar, I’m thinking this is an offer I might have to take a closer look at.

For example, right now Brooks Brothers is offering a Columbus Day sale of 4 dress shirts for $199. With the AA offer, you’ll net ~1,393 miles. At around 14 cents-per-mile, you’ll be paying face value for American miles, which is pretty good for not a lot of effort.

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14 cents/mile seems a bit steep.