Twitter is undoubtedly my favorite social media platform because I can get quick, short bursts of information, and I can get notified when certain people post (though you can do this with practically any other platform).

Hey Dom, is this a post about Twitter or am I going to actually give you some information?!

Sorry, sorry.

A while ago I told you about how I use Twitter to find flight deals, but today I’m going to show you the one Twitter account I find the most valuable for finding hotel deals.

Extreme Hotel Deals!

Pretty simple, ay? I forget who turned me on to the Extreme Hotel Deals Twitter account, but it wasn’t until recently that I started following them. They post great deals, mistake rates, award redemption deals, you name it.

I have no affiliation with EHD whatsoever, I promise. I’m telling you this because of a deal I recently booked. Let me explain.

Case Study

I’m heading to Italy on Wednesday for a couple weeks of R’n’R and the night before returning back to the states I’ll be staying in Rome. I had a couple of options. My first option was to book the brand new Pantheon Iconic Hotel by Marriott using Marriott points orrrr….well that was really my only option.


Extreme Hotel Deals notified me of a flash deal at the Hotel Indigo Rome by IHG for a Junior Suite at only 50,000 IHG points. This property offers base rooms for 50,000 points and Suites are rarely available for points redemption.

While I wanted to review the Pantheon Iconic, I jumped at this deal for a couple of reasons. First, I value Marriott points higher than IHG. And second, this hotel is closer to Trastevere where I’d be spending most of my day and night.

Don’t take my word for it, though. Here are some hot deals that EHD posted in the last week…

Get notified!

One easy way to hear about EHD’s deals without always having to check Twitter is to set up notifications to get notified each time they tweet. Here’s how.

All you do is navigate to their Twitter page and perform the following…

Easy peasy!

There you have it

Now that you’ve seen my favorite way to find hotel deals, I’m curious and want to hear some of your best tips. Comment below or e-mail me dominic at

Have a nice weekend!

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