A while back I wrote a post about whether you should use an award booking service. I find a lot of value in using this type of service especially if you’re busy or not yet knowledgeable enough to find awards and book them on your own.

Before I began blogging, I had my own award booking service, but due to time constraints with my day job, I simply wasn’t able to provide the level of service I wanted. I tell you that story because I want to introduce one of the tools I used to find complex award space — a tool that you could use, too.

Award Nexus

Award Nexus is an easy-to-use premium tool for searching for complex award space across more than one program.

Award Search

To search for award space with Award Nexus, all you’ll need to do is plug in your origin, destination, dates, seats, and class of service.

After this, you’ll need to select the loyalty program where your miles/points are. The system will search for all open award space with this information in mind:


Each search costs a certain number of Award Nexus credits. As you can imagine, the more detailed and complex your search is, the more credits you will use. In the above example, a simple Philadelphia to Dubai search using Oneworld miles costs six (6) credits.

Once you’ve entered all of your information and have clicked the search button you’ll be presented with the following screen showing you all the available options of awards.

Now as you can see there are a number of different options related to your search. When you select one of the dates available you’ll then be presented with the options on the right sidebar.

You can see in the below screen that there are five different options for the date I selected. I highlighted and clicked on the first option, which is New York to Dubai. Once you select the route you want from the sidebar, you’ll be presented with a pop-up box giving the details of the award. In this case, Award Nexus is showing availability in Emirates First Class using Qantas miles.

For those of you that want to search for award space in an easy-to-use platform, Award Nexus might be for you.

The Cost

Given the level of sophistication of the Award Nexus software, you can imagine that it is not free. Award Nexus offers three levels of premium service:

Aside from the premium plans, Award Nexus offers a community subscription which gives members of FlyerTalk and InsideFlyer a free 100 credits to start off with and a free refill of 100 credits every 90 days. All you’ll need to get started with a community membership is your FlyerTalk or InsideFlyer username.

Other Uses for Award Nexus

If you aren’t yet ready to search for an award ticket, Award Nexus offers a few other tools:

  • Route Explorer
  • Trip Calculator
  • Distance Pricer

Route Explorer

Route Explorer lets you search a specific route (in this case JFK-DXB), utilizing a specific loyalty program, and returns all of the possible redemption options.

Trip Calculator

Trip Calculator works similar to GCMap in that it will tell you the distance, but also the estimated flight time for a route of your wish.

Distance Pricer

The Distance Pricer tool will let you find the cheapest redemption option for your selected route.

Last Word

Any tool that helps make the process of booking award tickets easier is a tool I want to know about. I’ve successfully helped clients find award space on complex itineraries using Award Nexus, such as itineraries with up to three stops and round-the-world trips.

My guess is that your mileage may vary with this software, but at the very least, if the premium award search isn’t for you I definitely recommend taking advantage of the other tools offered.

Have you ever used Award Nexus? What are your thoughts?

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Love your blog! Does AwardNexus include One World options like Royal Jordanian which otherwise hard to search for?