Aside from travel, I absolutely love tech. Watching tech YouTube videos has to be one of my favorite activities, especially unboxing videos. I guess you could say I love to throw my money in a proverbial garbage bin 🙂

Recently I’ve been on a consolidation spree. I’ve been selling off tech that I just don’t use or see myself needing any longer. This has given me a nice chunk of cash to re-distribute elsewhere. One of the possessions that I’m going to put on the market is my Sony A6000 camera. I’ve had this camera for a few years now and have only used it less than a dozen times. While it’s certainly compact and lightweight, I just find it’s still a bit of a nuisance to download photos quickly to my laptop.

What I’ve been using instead

Back in March I got rid of my iPhone 7 Plus and picked up a new Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. I’ve been a loyal iPhone user since the first phone came out way back when. I don’t want this to turn into an iPhone/Android debate, but I have to say I’ve been growing increasingly frustrated with Apple lately (I say that as I type this on my brand new MacBook Pro).

My frustration is more geared toward the iPhone. My Samsung just does things that “make sense.” For example, and this is really minuscule and nitpicky, but my Galaxy just integrates with LastPass Password Manager a whole hell of a lot better than the iPhone does. I also love the fact that I can pop in a MicroSD card so that I have enough storage to shoot 4K video and RAW photos.

Anyhow, I bought the Galaxy S9 Plus because I liked the fact that it had two lenses so you could shoot in 2X optical zoom without sacrificing quality. This is a gamechanger for me.

And last but not least, I love how quick and easy it is to pull my phone out, take high-quality photos, and have them automatically sync to Google Photos for editing.

Makes my life a heck of a lot easier!

Photo quality

Like I said, I shoot my photos in RAW which is the best option for editing later without losing quality. Here are some examples of photos taken with my Galaxy S9 Plus:

Rome Marriott Park Hotel lobby
Rome Marriott Park Hotel king room (view)
Matera, Italy
Mignano Monte Lungo, Italy
Monteroduni, Italy

For blog photos, this workflow just makes sense. Obviously, you’ll get higher quality photos with a DSLR or the Sony A6000, but that depends on how much of a power user you are. If you’re in a similar situation and are just looking for a way to consolidate, I’ve had a great experience with the Galaxy S9 Plus and don’t see myself going back to iPhone in the near future. Other devices with amazing cameras are the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, though I didn’t buy because I love wireless charging.

Do you use a smartphone for your photo taking? 

Featured Photo by Adrien on Unsplash

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I am with you about consolidation and also see a great benefit of having two lens phone. I have Moto X4 that uses the second lens for wide angle and it’s awesome. Yet, I just ordered FZ80 because of extra zoom. Reason is my whale watching and bird photos turned out horrible when we were in Juneau last week. I realized how important high optical zoom is. There is practically no substitute. FZ80 also shoots in RAW.


Me Three, iphone is lagging behind, and “used to be known” user friendly innovations are repeating year after year with little benefit to the user. It’s time to jump ship. And likewise, a loyal APPLE fan, I’m typing on this on a dell, when my macbook pro decided to fail on me a few months ago..


V30 for normal & widelens + NX3300 I got in AMS duty-free for ~$275 when it first released. Using a Peak Design clip on a bag/belt helps in using mirrorless over pulling out a phone. NFC transfer the pictures to my phone.

Lee @ BaldThoughts

I used to love the photos from my iPhone, but have noticed that they haven’t been coming out as crisp or nice lately. I do need to upgrade my iPhone 7 Plus so we’ll see what happens when I get the iPhone 8 or iPhone 10. Your pictures are great, but I’ve actually gone the opposite direction an invested in a Canon 80D to ensure I get quality pictures.