I recently came across an ad on Twitter for an award search website called AwardBird. I’m always down for new tools to make award bookings easier so I figured I’d mess around with a couple of searches. Here are my impressions.

What does AwardBird do?

Simply enough, AwardBird presents you with your award redemption options using whatever points/miles balances you specify. Once you find an itinerary that works for you, you have the option to use AwardBird’s consultants to find available space and book your award, similar to any other award booking service.

What does AwardBird NOT do?

  • AwardBird will not let you know if award space is available for the flight options presented. If you aren’t willing to pay them to find space and book for you, it’ll be up to you to use other means to find award space and book yourself.
  • AwardBird will not search revenue tickets and will not allow you book revenue tickets through their website.

Is it worth it?

I can’t recommend AwardBird because I haven’t used them myself, but I’ll say that the website is very clean, easily navigable, and the award booking costs are cheap at $39 for the 1st passenger and $19 for each additional for Economy tix and $69 for the 1st passenger and $39 for each additional for Business/First tix.

Have you used AwardBird? Could you see yourself using it?

Featured Photo by Martin Sattler on Unsplash


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So far I’ve found most of your posts to be merely click bait and was thinking about giving up on your blog, but I found this post to be helpful. Thank you and I hope you continue this trend.


I’m interested. Not interested enough to try it without any other data points, but I’d like to know more. Please keep us informed if you hear something.


I don’t think I would pay them to book for me, but cool site to check multiple airlines quickly to see if they show anything. If I was seriously booking though I would go and check the airline directly, even if this site showed me nothing available.