If I had to name three things that have truly impacted my travel over the last few years, I’d have to say Google Flights, ExpertFlyer, and Google Maps pins. Today’s story is about Google Maps pins and all of the reasons why they’re great and how they’ll make you the go-to best friend in the group.

How to use ’em…

Head on over to Google Maps, select any place (restaurant, museum, coffee shop, strip joint) and you’ll be able to “star” it later — think of it as the real-life flavor savor…

You may be asking yourself, what is the big deal? I’ll tell you what the big deal is. Let’s say your best friend Tony says “Brian, have you ever been to LA? Can you recommend any places to get some good Korean BBQ?”

If you’re Brian you’re grinning like a kid who just made $20 bucks because you know all you have to do is pull up your Google Maps and you’ll find all of your favorite places from your last visit to LA…

You show Tony all of your favorite spots and he says “Wow, Brian, you’re so well traveled man!” 😎

Another tip for you…

Are you taking that big trip to Greece next month and have dozens of recommendations you’ve scraped up from blogs and TripAdvisor? Save the pins in your Google Maps and download the maps for offline use — just in case you don’t have cell connection…

Let’s face it, with so many great places to try, we’re bound to forget more than a few of them. When you have 50 people offering up suggestions, you’ll need something to help keep track of everything. Fortunately, Google is here to save the day!

Have you ever used Google Maps pins?

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This sounds so useful, but being a senior I need a little more info on how to get things I read on trip advisor or Rick Steve’s graffiti page onto a map. Is it possible to be a little more specific for those who aren’t as tech savvy. Thanks