Do you love cheap(er) gas? No, not that kind of gas…

While IHG thinks people are going to be all googly-eyed at their new promotion of up to 5,000 IHG points per stay bonus (after your second stay), the real meat of the offer lies in the Fuel Rewards savings of up to 32 cents-per-gallon savings.

Here’s how it works…

IHG and Shell Gas have a partnership that offers some pretty nice savings to IHG elites — 5 cents off per gallon for Club & Gold Elites, 6 cents off per gallon for Platinum Elites, and 7 cents off per gallon for Spire Elites. 

So right off the bat, if you’re a Spire Elite you’re saving 7 cents per gallon at the pump…on every fill up.

Time for the whipped cream…

By registering on IHG for this promotion, you will unlock a 25 cents-per-gallon discount on one fill-up at a Shell gas station in the US, after your first IHG hotel stay.

The best part is that this is on top of the savings you already achieve by being an IHG elite member so if you’re a Spire Elite you’ll get 32 cents per gallon savings on one fill up; Platinum Elites get 31 cents off; Club & Gold Elites get 30 cents off. 

How to Get This Deal

First thing’s first, you have to be a Shell Fuel Rewards member and you can sign up free here.

Next, you have to link your Fuel Rewards and IHG accounts by logging in to Fuel Rewards and selecting ‘Account’ and ‘Manage Loyalty Cards’.

Lastly, you’ll have to enroll in IHG’s promotion here and you’ll get this bonus after your first hotel stay.

Happy fillin’ up!

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What’s the promotion code?


Are you kidding me? If you have a 20 gallon tank, 32c a gallon off only saves you a whopping $6.4 for once. Is it a saving? Yes! But I wouldn’t call it “real meat”.


Why didn’t anyone answer the previous question? When I click “Register Now” on the linked page, it takes me to the generic IHG promo registration page, prompting for “Promotion Code”