Alright, the last time I wrote a post bashing the legacy US Airways A321s, I got reamed out by the only five people in the world with enough time to make a fake commenter account and pick up for American.

In an effort to put some lipstick on these pigs (the airplanes, that is), here are the very best seats you can choose in economy on these airplanes. In fact, these seats are almost like first class except without the free food and booze. Yeah, I said it…

The Seats

When you’re looking for the ideal economy seat the main thing you want is legroom, because let’s face it, legroom and wider seats are what basically separate economy from first class, especially on this airplane. No flat beds here, unfortunately.

So which seats are best? Take a look see…

A lot to unpack here, but I’ll boil it down a bit. You mainly want to focus on seats 10A, 10B, 10C, 10F, 23A, and 23F. These seats have no seat immediately in front and have amazing legroom. You’ll especially want to pay attention to seats 10B,10C, and 23A, as these seats do not have underseat storage immediately in front so you’ll have to put your personal item in the overhead bin.

Final word

I had the great pleasure of flying the legacy US Airways A321 about 50 times in 2016 during my travels to Los Angeles and having these seats made the experience, dare I say, bearable?

Featured image source: Alan Wilson

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23A has the Lab and I think an FA seat in front so no underseat storage last time I was on one of these. 23F might have underseat but it’s two rows in front of you. These are good seats except the storage.


Confirms my choices when I must fly these horrid aircraft (try to avoid hubbing in CLT, PHL and PHXto not have to). Fortunately I’ve managed CPUs and never ended up in the back, but even F is no joy given the lack of power at the seat.