If you’ve been to Disney World recently you might have seen Chevy Traverse SUVs wrapped in Minnie Mouse themed vinyl…

Photo via Walt Disney World

Minnie Van service started in 2017 and is fully sponsored and operated by Walt Disney World, meaning your drivers will be Disney employees. This service is perfect for getting the family around, especially in cases where lines for Disney Transport buses are long and you would rather pay for the convenience of a private ride home.

How to order a Minnie Van

The Minnie Van is only requestable via the Lyft app by sliding right to the “More” tab on the vehicle selection screen…

What to Expect

The vehicles can fit up to 6 passengers and are equipped with 2 optional car seats. It’s worth noting that the 2 car seats cut into the 6 passenger limit so if you have 6 adults and 2 kids, you’ll only have space for 4 adults.

You can request Minnie Vans between the hours of 6:30 am to 12:30 am, every day.

Minnie Vans are operated by trained Disney Cast Members. On my most recent trip my family’s MV driver worked for 5 years as a Kilimanjaro¬†Safari driver at Animal Kingdom.

You can also request a Minnie Van up to 6 months in advance to transport you to and from the Orlando International Airport at a cost of $150 one-way.

Final Word

The Minnie Van is typically always more expensive than traditional Lyft vehicles. You’re paying for the safety and security of the Disney Cast Member driver as well as the car seat amenities and the cool Minnie Mouse wrap, but other than that, there’s not much else that would make me choose it over a Lyft or UberX vehicle. But if you’re in a bind, the weather is hot, and bus lines are long, this is a great option.

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