Time flies when you’re having fun I suppose! I started this blog back at the beginning of May and it’s honestly been such a fun ride, though not without its own set of challenges.

First, I just want to say thank you! Without your readership, I would certainly be less enthused!

With that said, I’ve gotten some great feedback from some of you and I really appreciate it. While I did have to deal with a couple of trolls that contributed absolutely nothing of substance, I am thankful for all of the constructive criticism you’ve given me. I know for some of you that have left comments, I’ve reached out by e-mail to understand how I can improve. I just want you to know how invaluable that information is for me as I continue to sharpen my focus.

Some criticisms I’ve gotten:

  • Too aggressive and bossy of a tone at times
  • Click-baity headlines with lack of substance on some posts
  • Too strong of a position on a sensitive subject

As a writer on the internet, you never know how readers will respond. Your idea of a good article may be complete s*** to 99.9% of the readership. This is bad, but also something not always completely apparent to a writer, which is why I thank you for sticking with me and reading my stuff.

What I’ve learned you like

Obviously I’m speaking for a portion of you, but based on some of the best articles I’ve published here I know many of you like the following:

  • Thought-provoking, non-points and miles posts like this and this
  • Data-driven analysis posts like this and this and this
  • Insights into some of the lesser-known topics of travel like this and this

How I will get better

My plan is to get better by understanding feedback organically. I know that rather than getting upset with trolls or negative comments, I should continue to reach out and get your viewpoint, what you see as interesting, and how you consume content.

I know this is contrary to what many people say to do, but I think if I’m going to take time out of your day, it better be good, quick, and easily consumable.

Thank you all very much and if you ever want to chat, my e-mail is always open dominic (at) theshortfinal.com !

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mike murphy
mike murphy

good to see you are going to grow with this Dom