I’ve been blogging on my own for three months and it never occurred to me (until now) that I never explained how I chose my blog name. The way I arrived at The Short Final is sort of convoluted, but when I figured it out I felt super hipster and cool — like I just coined the next Google or Flickr.

Not quite…

What is a short final?

Without getting super technical and AvGeeky, the short final is the part of the flight when you’re just about to land. You look out the window and you can see the cars, the palm trees, the beautiful architecture all in clear and plain view.

For me, this always sparks a moment of true excitement, and it all started when I was a little kid. I HATED flying. I was afraid of every part of the flight except landing, which is still the case today — but obviously to less of a degree.

What is “The Short Final”?

I won’t rehash all of the reasons I started this blog, but as I continue to write and produce content, I have a few key themes in mind, all stemming from my love of seeing the palm trees along the beach in Aruba and almost touching the coastline just outside of Rome Fiumicino airport, all from my airplane window:

  • Destinations – I’m a lover of the destination over the journey. Experiencing new cultures, food, and scenery is the best part of life so I hope that with these posts I can inspire you to travel somewhere new and exciting.
  • Deals – you can always travel at sticker price, but traveling using deals is a much more fiscally efficient way to see the world. Deals posts will help you to save money on flights, earn more miles and points, and ultimately unlock more of the world without the hefty price.
  • Tips and Guides – I like to write “how to” guides and share tips and tricks about services like ExpertFlyer and Google Maps. These types of posts will give you inside info, often in quick doses, about the best ways to travel.
  • Points and Miles – you won’t see too many traditional points and miles posts about how to redeem X miles on X airline, but they will be sprinkled in where appropriate. Points and miles have opened the door for all of us to see the world like never before so it’s important that we master how to use them to our advantage.

THANK YOU for reading and engaging in conversation with myself and others on this site. You have no idea how much it means to me and I love you all very much! 🙂

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Thanks for the explanation. What a cool moment! Landing is actually the only part of the flight I get freaked out over, so I’ll try to think of this next time and maybe it won’t be so scary. It’s nice to see a destination focus. I started the points hobby because I love to travel, and it’s what keeps me doing the crazy things I do to see the world. I’ve gotten too wrapped up before in how I’m getting to my destination or what hotel I’m staying in, but travel is so much more than that.