As you’ve probably noticed, I like to post every once in a while with a direct question to you all. These are actually my favorite posts to write because I love good conversation and, like you, am always looking for travel inspiration.

So far in my two months of blogging, I’ve seen everyone from casual travelers with families to single travelers looking to fly the most exclusive products in the sky.

I saw an interesting tweet today in which this individual thought all points and miles bloggers fly only premium cabins. First of all, the term “points and miles blogger” has such a negative connotation these days, unfortunately.

Secondly, not all travel bloggers fly premium. In fact, I haven’t flown in a flat bed seat since last summer and I’ve only flown in a premium cabin over the ocean one time — funny story about that, my dad and I were running late for a Lufthansa flight in Frankfurt in 2005 and they gave all the economy seats to standby passengers, including ours, so they upgraded us to business!

What’s my point?

I’m a normal human and many of you have more travel experience than I do. I write this blog because I love learning about travel and sharing what I’ve learned. It’s as simple as that. And as most normal humans are, I’m curious to know what your next goal is for your travels.

I’ll start.

I have an intense desire to visit Muscat, Oman. I don’t know why, but it just looks incredible and I really want to go. I want to fly to Oman in Qatar business class on the A350 starting my trip from my hometown of Philadelphia. That’s my goal and I hope to accomplish it soon!

With that said, where do you want to go next? and why?

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Hope you make it to Oman soon. When you do go, I’d recommend taking a day trip or longer to Wahiba Sands for some dune-bashing and to Wadi Bani Khalid for some aquatic relaxation.

I have some trips planned in the interim, but my next big travel “goal” is to visit Iran and the Caucuses region. I hope to do that near the end of the year, provided I get a visa authorization. Fingers crossed


When I first started to travel in my mid-20s, I wanted to go to places that interested me but were not necessarily popular places for most tourists. I figured that I would do the more difficult places while I was young and when I got old and could not get around as much….then I would go on a cruise. So I went to China when there were barely any tourists….no cars on the street…just bicycles, to Tahiti for the equivalent of 2 months salary, to Palau before the increase in visitors, to Iceland when dinner was over $120 and only… Read more »


I have a couple of goals right now that I’m working on. I want to visit all the capital cities of the ASEAN countries and also the capital cities of the EU countries. The EU part will definitely take longer but I’m up for a challenge. I think it’s a good excuse to visit places I’ve never thought to visit.