Look, we’re all genuinely busy. Most of us have demanding jobs that require most of our time and energy. If you’re like me, the work never really stops. One of the biggest complaints I hear from people is how they don’t have time to travel, and that’s okay!

Allow me to offer you a couple of tips for when you’re feeling bogged down and held prisoner by your commitments.

Split, Croatia

Take advantage of weekends

There’s no need to take long extended vacations. Weekends are your best friend! In fact, fellow BoardingArea blogger Sam Chui maintains a full-time day job and travels on the weekends.

For me, weekends are the ideal time for me to travel due to work commitments. One of my goals for this blog is to create more content highlighting destinations perfect for weekend getaways. Stay tuned!

Plan well ahead

In a world where flash deals are the norm, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to travel because it’s not always easy to take a spontaneous trip. I get it, which is why I typically always plan a trip many months in advance. For me, I have to have my extended time off planned and cleared with work before booking anything.

My girlfriend and I flew to Dublin for a long weekend (Thursday-Monday) back in February.

The pool of travel bloggers that seemingly travel every week to exotic destinations is becoming more crowded. I’m not that blogger. I’m a human being with a job who likes to write about travel. I suspect if you’re reading this you’re in a similar situation.

Planning ahead is perfectly fine. Want to take that dream vacation to Tokyo? Do it, but do it next year. This gives you a ton of runway to ensure you have the time blocked out.

Have an honest conversation with your boss

I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve met who are afraid to ask for time off. They feel it’s going to force them out of favor with their boss. I’m not here to tell you what to do, but I will say that my experience has taught me that it doesn’t hurt to have an honest conversation. Tell your boss what you’re feeling, share your goals, and describe your plan with enthusiasm. Chances are, your boss won’t care, and you’ll feel a whole lot better.

Alternate Travel

When you go on a business trip, ask you’re able to travel to an alternate destination rather than fly home. For example, I was working on a project in Los Angeles and I was to be on-site weekly. One of the weekends, instead of flying home, I visited San Diego and since the cost was actually cheaper than flying home, work paid for it!

I recommend you explore this option with your travel department as it can be a great way to see new places at no cost to you.

In Summary

Traveling and exploring the world is essential to a fulfilling life, or at least that’s what I believe. We all have limitations and roadblocks to going on that dream vacation, but don’t let your whole life pass you by because of work. Actively seek ways to fit travel in and around your work schedule. Need help planning? Here are a couple of resources to check out:

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