My grandmom always says the best part about getting old is the discounts. She rides the bus/subway for free, gets senior citizen discounts at bookstores, and now this?! Discounted rooms at Marriott?!

For those of you that don’t already know, people aged 62 years or older qualify for Marriott’s Senior Discount, which can get 15% or more off of a room rate.

Who is eligible?

Individuals 62 years or older.

How do I book?

When searching on, you’re going to want click the drop down on ‘Special Rates’, select ‘Corporate/Promo’, and enter S9R.

Are there blackout dates?

As with any other corporate or promo rate, it’s a first come first serve basis. If the hotel is jam-packed, your chances of getting the senior rate are lower than if you stayed on an off night. In a perfect world, though, there are no blackout dates and the senior rate is available on any night. The one limitation right off the bat is that you are maxed out at two rooms per stay.

Do I have to travel with a senior to get the discount?

Yes, you sheister. In practice, you won’t get ‘carded’ 100% of the time as it really depends on the mood of the desk agent. Otherwise, Marriott requires valid photo ID showing the date of birth for the senior.

This brings me to my next point. You do not need to book the reservation under the senior’s name in order to get the discount. You can book it and add them as a guest with you. Just be prepared to have the senior’s photo ID showing date of birth for the desk agent.

Have you ever taken advantage of Marriott’s Senior Discount?

Featured photo courtesy of Courtyard DC Embassy Row

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Love Marriott’s promotion in theory.. But have you tried to put this in practice? Would love to hear data points or your experiences with this discount for booking with the elder folks at home..


The senior discount can save quite a bit with Marriott. Also worth noting that some other hotel chains (e.g. Hilton) offer an AARP discount. I’m nowhere near the age to get a senior discount, but anyone can join AARP for $12/yr.

Sharon K. Strickland
Sharon K. Strickland

I stayed at Marriott in Key West in June. I thought I was given the discount because I had just turned 62 and made the comment that I was old enough now to get the discount but found out later that I was not given the discount. I asked for it back and was told I wasn’t given it because there was some “event” going on and so I wasn’t given it. I don’t think they should advertise the discount if they aren’t going to honor it.

Sharon K. Strickland
Sharon K. Strickland

Marriott senior discount